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Bridge club Havířov - Database results

A) 1. Tournament load
A) 2. NxN table load
A) 3. ???
B) List of players
C) Overview of players
D) Overview of pairs
E) Summary of a single-player
F) Summary of one pair
G) Selected tournaments
H) Players´ medals
I) Pairs´ medals
J) Players by club points
K) Pairs by club points
L) The most successful pair - %
M) Contracts or conversion
N) The longest successful interval
O) The current form
P) Comparison of pairs
R) Tops
S) Anniversary
T) Overview of players for month
U) N-S-E-W
Y) Thanks for your comments
Z) Partners from BC Herold
„Kdyby se mužům dostávalo manželek, jakých si zasluhují, měli by zatraceně těžký život.“ Oscar Wilde